How To Optimize Instagram Profile For Massive Growth

optimize Instagram profile

Instagram is now a sensational tool for building your brand, getting fame, and engagement so it is very important to optimize your Instagram profile for better reach and better engagement.

Nowadays, every brand is gambling on Instagram so it’s very important to optimize Instagram profile for grasping more attention and staying ahead in brand wars.

Well, here we have outlined some tips to optimize Instagram profile. Read on and implement everything to get your results faster.

1. Optimize Instagram Username

Your Instagram username is how people recognize you. Everything you do on Instagram is associated with your username. Ahh! Still, confused about username? See this image below-

How to optimize Instagram Profile

This marked area is your Instagram username. Now, you know what an Instagram Username is, and now its time to optimize your Instagram profile by adding some tweaks to your Instagram username.

Optimizing your Instagram username is very simple. Try to add one of your keyword in your username. Try to make it short and simple and make sure that it describes what you do and your brand’s purpose.

And the Instagram username is the very first thing a person looks at and hence it plays a very important role in attracting people to your account.

By the way, here are some tips on How to choose a Instagram username-

  • Make sure your Username is short and easy to remember. Avoid unnecessary keyword stooping.
  • Make it short. Not more than 14 words.
  • If your name is too long then you create a short form and make it attractive and crisp.
  • Make it relatable with your account, so that audience can easily figure it out.
  • Choose something professional because you never know where it last.
  • Use keywords in your username to make your account more discoverable.

Optimize Instagram Profile Using Name:

In case you’re unable to add your keyword in your username then you can add your keyword in your Instagram name as shown in the above image.

As you can see I’ve used “BK| Social Media Marketer” as my name because I was unable to add any keyword in my name.

2. Use A Professional Profile Picture

Though Instagram profile picture has nothing to do with optimizing Instagram profile but your Instagram Profile Picture or Instagram DP says a lot about you and can have a huge effect on potential followers.

So, make sure that your Instagram Profile Picture looks professional. And if you’re a brand then make sure that you use your logo in your Instagram profile picture.

How to optimize Instagram profile

A logo that helps people to identify your brand, your purpose, and helps to stand out against your competition.

optimizing Instagram profile

Choose the correct profile picture with proper format and pixels. The perfect format is 110*110 pixels. As you guys noticed Instagram profile is slightly round. So make sure nothing important is cut, adjust it before uploading it.

3. Mention Your Purpose And Keyword In Your Bio.

When it comes to optimizing Instagram Account, Your Instagram Bio is the most important place.

Instagram bio is the place where you can flaunt the most about your purpose, service, and products and can also add a good chunk of keywords to optimize Instagram account.

Mention all your keywords in your bio in a way that it also describes your purpose. let’s have an example-

How to optimize instagram account

Have a look at my Instagram Bio. I’ve mentioned all my industry keywords in my Instagram bio in a way that literally describes everything about me and at the same time, it doesn’t look spammy.

The ultimate purpose of using your primary keywords in your Instagram bio is to make it more reachable to the audience and more discoverable to potential followers.

Keywords play a very important role in Optimizing the Instagram Account. Whenever people will search for these Keywords on Instagram, there are chances that your account will pop-up to them.

Which will eventually help to get more followers and more engagement on Instagram.

4. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a well-known tactic for Instagram optimization. Everyone knows about Instagram Hashtags But do they know the right way?

If you want to optimize Instagram Account then Hashtags is something that you cannot avoid at any cost.

Even if you don’t use any other Instagram account optimization technique, but you play right with hashtags then it is enough to bring you tons of followers and engagement.

You can use up to 30 Hashtags in posts and up to 10 hashtags in stories. Just be very strategic about the hashtags you’re using and put great efforts into hashtag research.

If you want to learn everything about Instagram hashtags then give this article a read.

How To Use Instagram Hashtags For Massive Growth?

5. Use Alt Text While Posting Images

Alt text means alternative text. If you know even a bit about SEO then you might have definitely heard about ALT text. Alt is a text that is used to describe the images.

And this feature is available on Instagram too.

Instagram says that the main purpose of alt texts is to tell the visitors about the image in case Instagram fails to loads the image.

But But But, In our research we’ve found that there is more to it.

Firstly, Using alt texts on Instagram helps to get traffic from google searches. Yes, you read it right. A lot of times google ranks your Instagram posts in the “Image” section and can bring you a bit of traffic from Google itself.

Secondly, Alt text on Instagram helps Instagram algorithms understand the image in a better way and hence segregating that particular post on the basis of niche.

Now lets see how to add alt text in Instagram posts-

There are two ways to add alt texts in your Instagram posts.

First is, when you are posting something.

How to add alt text in instagram

There will be an option of “Advanced setting” click on that,

How to add alt text in instagram

then click on Alt text and what your post is all about in keywords.

You can also use add Alt text after you’ve posted your post. Here is how you can do it-

Click on 3 dots icon aka the menu button and then click on edit.

How to add alt text in instagram

On the bottom right side, you’ll get an option to add alt text on Instagram.

Though, there is no use of adding Alt texts in older posts, so don’t waste your time doing that. Just make sure that you add alt text in Instagram posts from now on.

6. Use High-Quality Images

Instagram is a visual platform and that’s why posting good quality images is very important when it comes to Instagram account optimization.

Using good quality images will make your Instagram Profile attractive and hence increasing the follower conversions.

Instagram can often reduce quality, so use a high-quality image, compressed with a JPEG file. Also, try to post directly from your device instead of using third-party tools to ensure that the picture quality remains intact.

Bringing It All Together

Using these Instagram Optimization tips will make a huge difference in your Instagram growth over a long period of time. And to be honest, I think these are very simple tips that anyone can easily apply.

Instagram Optimizations Tips-

  • Include keywords in either username or name.
  • Use a professional profile picture.
  • Include maximum keywords in your Instagram bio but don’t make it look spammy.
  • Treat Instagram Hashtags as a godfather.
  • Use alt texts for every image.
  • Don’t forget that Instagram is a visual platform, so always post high-quality images.

That’s all for today, if you liked these Instagram optimization tips, then please do comment below and also let us know if you think there is something else we can add to this list.

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