How to Learn Digital Marketing For Free And Land The First Job In Digital Marketing.

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Do you want to learn digital marketing for free? Do you want to know how to make a good career in digital marketing? Do you want to know how to earn from digital marketing? All Of your questions will be answered in this article, so keep reading.

We all have heard about digital marketing from here and there. People say it is one of the most rewarding careers nowadays and 2020 is the best time to step into it and start building your career in digital marketing.

But, is it really true? Is digital marketing really that rewarding? and most importantly is it really that easy to learn digital marketing and take digital marketing as a career option.

Well, I am gonna answer all your questions in detail and will also suggest some free digital marketing courses too.

First, let’s discuss career opportunities in digital marketing.

Frankly, Digital marketing was always at boom but the COVID-19 just spiked the chart. Each and every business is trying to go digital and for that they will need the help of qualified digital marketers. But before saying anything else let me show you something-

Digital marketing ad spending in recent years

As you can see the Digital Marketing is at its peak and is continuously growing at an exponential rate.

According to professionals, traditional methods of marketing are quite costly compared to online marketing and are no longer sufficient. And that’s why more than 58% of companies and businesses are already using digital marketing to promote their goods and services.

By the end of 2020 more than 90% of companies and businesses will promote themselves online. So, there will huge demand for skilled digital marketers.

How to learn digital marketing

Ask yourself where to do you see more ads, on TV or on your smartphone? The answer is simple on your smartphone. So, basically now (2019-2020) is the right time to step into this industry before people start doing it like they do their graduation degrees.

How much money you can make in digital marketing

Like any other industry, In digital marketing also, the money you earn depends on your skills, you can make lakhs even crores of rupees a month if you have good skills and have good knowledge of sales.

Anyway, there are 2 ways to make money after learning digital marketing

  • Self Employment/business options after digital marketing-
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Blogging
    • Website Development
    • Digital Marketing Agency
    • Freelancing
    • Digital Products, etc

There is no limit to the money you can earn with Self Employment/business options.

  • Doing a job.
    • There are various domains in digital marketing in which you can get a job and make a good chunk of money as a salary.
    • Here is a chart is given in average salary in digital marketing-
RoleAvg. Salary
Digital Marketing Manager4-10 Lakhs
Web Developer3-10 Lakhs
Web Designer3-5 Lakhs
Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager4.5-15 Lakhs
SEO Executive2.5-5 lakhs
PPC/SEM Expert3.5-8 Lakhs
Content Marketer5-8 Lakhs
Analytics Manager6-15 Lakhs
CRM Manager6-10 Lakhs
Email Marketing Manager4-7 Lakhs
E-Commerce Manager5-9 Lakhs

How To Learn Digital Marketing

Is it easy to learn digital marketing and does it require coding? So, many people have these types of questions but let me tell you that learning digital marketing is very easy and there are no pre-requisites to learn digital marketing.

You can learn digital marketing regardless of which educational background you are coming from, be it an engineer, an accountant, or even a 12th passed out, everyone can learn digital marketing and make a bright career in it.

Do I need to have coding knowledge?

The simple answer is NO, you don’t need any coding knowledge to learn online marketing. Even I don’t have any coding knowledge and I am doing absolutely fine in online marketing but if you do you have coding knowledge it just adds a plus point if you don’t then no worries at all.

How to learn Digital Marketing?

You have two ways to learn Digital Marketing,

  • One is self-learning which is free, or
  • Learning from experts/Institutes(Paid option).

Learning Digital Marketing: Self-learning

Mastering Online Marketing by yourself is quite a difficult task especially when you know nothing about it but worry not we got you covered.

Follow these steps if you want to learn Digital Marketing by yourself without wasting any money.


Read comprehensive and well-researched articles and blogs on Digital Marketing and its modules.


Follow Google’s very own 40 hours online fundamental Digital Marketing course which is absolutely free. This fundamental course will make things a lot clear for you and the best part is you will even get a certificate from Google after completing this course.


Watch videos on Digital Marketing on youtube as much as you can.

Well, Thanks to jio’s internet boom, there are tons of digital marketers who are spreading awareness and knowledge about Digital Marketing on youtube.

Some of them have even launched their free Digital Marketing courses which can help you learn Digital Marketing while relaxing right at your home.

Youtube channels providing free Digital Marketing knowledgeAnkur AggarwalIntellectual IndiesNeil PatelHarsh AggarwalAmit Mishra(Tryootech)


Start your own Website/blogNo one means NO ONE can learn Digital Marketing without implementing the knowledge.

You need a blog/website where you’ll implement all that you’ve learned. And to make a website or blog you need a hosting service. There are so many hosting services in the market, so here are a few recommendations from my side-

In case you’re interested in very cheap hosting and domain you can visit Hostinger.

Now implement all this knowledge in your own blog and make things happen.

Learn Digital Marketing: From Experts and Institutes

I’ll be honest if you learn digital marketing from experts and leading institutes It’ll definitely give you a kick start if you are thinking about making a good career in this industry.

All the top institutes provide you certificates which help you to stand out from the crowd.

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The major benefits of learning online marketing from experts/institutes are you will get expert guidance and support and much importantly your institute might even help you to get your first job in this industry.

Now let’s compare both ways

Minimum/No InvestmentNeed to invest some amount of money
Flexible HoursNeed to follow the curriculum
Need to find resources on your ownStructured guidance
Foundation might be weak since you are learning all by yourselfHeavy chances that foundation will be strong since experts will teach you


  • While starting your online marketing career whether you learn on your own or from experts/institutes make sure that your Social presence is strong because nowadays Social Media is the best way for your personal branding and for brand awareness as well.
  • Become a T-shaped Marketer. T-shaped marketer means having good knowledge of all modules while specializing in anyone, here is an example
source: Moz
  • If you really want to become a skilled digital marketer then you need to stay updates by following major digital marketing sites and influential people on social media. Like all major players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter regularly tweak their paid advertising platforms and algorithms, you’re in for a wild ride if you don’t keep on top of the latest changes.

Here are some recommendations on websites to get started –

Social Media – Social Media ExaminerSocial Media Today

Content – HubspotMedium

Lets us know if you got any questions in the comment section.

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